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Types of Car Accidents

Millions of drivers are on the roads every day. With a high number of occupants that also means that a higher number of accidents are more than likely to occur. It can be the negligence of a driver that causes the accident, an obstacle in the road or dangerous conditions that are to blame for the incident. When they do occur they can leave those involved with a number of injuries that a Portland personal injury lawyer can assist with when it comes to filing a claim against those responsible.

Injured in a car accident?

There are various types of accidents that can occur; all of which can have harmful effects. In a multi-vehicle accident there are two or more vehicles involved. The increase in cars can mean an increase in injury and there are also more people that will be affected. These accidents are commonly seen on the freeways when after one car makes a mistake the cars in back begin to pile up. In a rear-end collision, one vehicle crashes into the back of another perhaps because they did not notice the car had stopped or they were following too closely behind and did not give themselves enough time to stop. Known as the more dangerous type of accident, those involved in a head on collision can face grave results. Two cars traveling at speeds towards each other increase the amount of the force that ensues. A direct blow occurs to the front of both cars and can send those involved flying forward. A side swipe or T-bone accident can happen when one vehicle swerves into another or when a car crossing an intersection is hit by a driver that failed to stop for the red light.

Single vehicle accidents occur as well, when only the one car is involved. It may happen when road conditions are dangerous and a car is sent sliding into a stationary object. Rollover accidents can be extremely dangerous. Many SUV drivers have to take precaution that they are not left in this type of scenario. Driving can be done in a safe manner to protect against any unforeseen accidents. Unfortunately, not all types of situations can be avoided and even those that are driving safely on the roads can be injured by another driver that is failing to take the same precaution. In any type of car accident, an attorney from our firm is able to represent your case with a high level of proficiency. Call our office to speak to a professional during a free consultation about how we can help.

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