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Why I Became A Lawyer

I grew up in a small town in Idaho. Most all of the women stayed at home and took care of kids. There were not many roll models of women lawyers. However when I took a debate class in middle school, my course was set. I loved arguing a case. My first big case was Wendy v. Dad in the matter of "Why I Have To Have a Horse." That case was argued after dinner for about a year, until Dad gave up and bought the horse.

I continued on with speech and debate in high school. I spent many late nights looking up facts and writing speeches for my competitions. Because my social life as a debater was not too stellar, I had most Saturday nights free. I was the only high school kid accepted as a crisis call operator at the city "Hot Line." I fielded calls from ranging from drug overdoses to lonely people who just needed to talk. I learned to listen to people, which became as asset in my future profession.

It is odd to think that I still am that girl who spent a lot of time working at her high school debate questions, but now it is cases and causes for my clients. I went into law to help people. My first seven years of law practice were in a public interest law firm doing divorce cases for low income people. I helped pioneer the first self help restraining order. As there was not much money in public interest law (one time we worked without electricity), I started doing a few personal injury cases to fund our office. I really enjoyed doing these cases. I saw a way to help people and also earn a living.

I started a law firm with my husband and we practiced together for many years until he left the firm to become a judge. And the thing about the children... we had three and I got work full time and take care of those kids!

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