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Clergy Sexual Abuse

Defining Clergy Sexual Abuse

Sex abuse is a terrible crime that occurs when one person imposes their will on another person and forces them into committing sexual acts. Clergy sex abuse is virtually identical to traditional sex abuse, but in these cases, the accused are members of the clergy, and the cases most frequently involve children. If you have been abused by a member of the clergy, it is critical that you speak with a personal injury lawyer in order to discuss your best steps for moving forward and seeking justice .

While many incidents of child sex abuse do involve trusted family members or close family friends, there are certain respected, upstanding citizens who may also have access to your children. In particular, members of the clergy fit into this group. It is extremely important for all victims of clergy sex abuse to step forward and speak in order to stop further crimes to be committed. This type of crime can cause serious physical injury to some victims, but many more suffer long-lasting effects due to emotional damage incurred. The therapies required to resolve traumatic emotional injuries may be costly, and the victims should not have to bear the costs associated with them.

Squires Law Office, P.C. understands the sensitive nature of clergy sex abuse, and we will work hard to see that your case is handled with full confidentiality. Our firm can gather the details of your case in terms of the incident itself, history of the accused and other things in an effort to build a strong case that will prove your need for financial compensation to address the damages caused. Victims of sex abuse can get confidential advice from Squires and Associates.

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