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Product Liability

Product Liability Claims in Injury Cases

The United States is society of consumers and as consumers will rely heavily on the products of various manufacturers, distributors and retailers. If a product we use is defective or harmful it can cause personal injury. Faulty drug, dangerous product such a motor vehicle parts or dangerous kitchen appliance can cause severe injury if their danger is unknown. These companies need to help responsible for their poor products, especially when they could have harmed others. If you believe that you are a victim of defective product or drug then contact a lawyer for personal legal counsel.

Serious injuries can occur from the used of defective products and they can often lead to high medical bills, stress and emotional strain. Pharmaceutical companies are often targeted for their negligent behavior in producing dangerous drugs and you may have a valid claim against them. You do not deserve to be treated in such way. Wendy Squires, the founder of Squires Law Office, P.C., has been practicing personal injury law for over thirty years. She has the knowledge and experience to provide you with legal representation. We take our cases very seriously as we know the damage a faulty drug or product can have on your quality of life. Our dedicated team will help to analyze even the smallest details to ensure that reasonable compensation claim is established against the manufacturer or distributor of the dangerous product.

Faulty and Defective Products

Faulty products can be anywhere; your car, home or in the general public sphere. Companies who have produced or sold a product that can cause direct harm to you or a loved one must be held accountable. Drugs are often associated with these claims as they may have unregistered side effect and cause extreme pain or discomfort. Products and drugs should be consumer safe no matter what and we can help you ensure the safety of yourself or those you know that have been negatively affected by a faulty product or drug.

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