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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse occurs at the hands of healthcare professionals or other nursing home staff who cause physical, mental or emotional pain on a resident through any variety of means, for any reason. This type of negligence occurs most often in the elderly, and may be grossly under-reported due in large part to the victims' inability to effectively convey their need for help to family or other members of the outside world. It is important to report nursing home abuse whenever it is identified, and anyone who has suffered at the hands of negligent nursing home staff should get into contact with a qualified lawyer to discuss any and all options related to pursuit of a settlement.

While none are excusable, there are many different reasons why a person may commit nursing home abuse on an elderly or otherwise disabled resident. Things like personal debt, work stress due to understaffing, or a grudge against the victim or victim's family are all potential motives for committing abuse, and the types of abuse can also vary greatly. Some nursing home abuse victims are beaten and battered and then hidden from their family or other residents while wounds are visible, and others may find themselves at the mercy of constant and relentless verbal insults that cause severe emotional strain. In many cases, abused nursing home residents are kept away from their loved ones if the staff suspects an attempted call for help. In situations where the family is insistent on seeing their loved one, however, staff may then resort to over-medication that make it impossible for the victim to ask for help.

Exposing Nursing Home Abuse

Squires Law Office, P.C. understands the devastating consequences that nursing home abuse can have, both on loved ones as well as the victims. Our firm believes it is our duty to identify nursing homes that are engaging in abuse, exposing them and holding them liable for the damages they have caused in civil court. We will work hard to develop a solid case for compensation, and may be able to provide you with the kind of financial compensation that you can need on to cover any costs associated with recovery and addressing the matter of pain and suffering.

View our firm's profile at FindaNursingHomeAbuseLawyer.com.

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