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Motorcycle Accidents

In terms of personal transportation, motorcycles are one of the more economical ways to get around the Portland area. They are also a fast way to travel, while at the same time being able to experience the rush of the open road. Unfortunately, like bicyclists, motorcyclists are relatively unprotected, not as visible as other drivers on the road and as a result are more susceptible to accidents and serious injuries.

Injuries in motorcycle accidents are often deadly, and can include road rash, breaks, fractures, severe back injuries, brain damage and even death. As the victim of a motorcycles accident, you will more than likely end up having expensive medical bills to pay. Should your injuries be due to the other driver's negligence, you have a right to compensation for your injuries. Should death occur as a result of a motorcycle accident, a wrongful death suit may be warranted.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to contact a skilled injury attorney at our firm immediately. Any delay in contacting an attorney could result in essential evidence being missed. Our team of experienced attorneys can evaluate the circumstances, advise you of your rights and help you compile a well-documented injury claim.

Like bicycles accidents, motorcycle accidents could be blamed on the rider, regardless of who was actually at fault. Although the rules of the road apply to all vehicles, motorcyclists tend to be viewed in a more negative light when it comes to not only their rights, but their responsibilities on the road. This can lead to motorcyclists being wrongly targeted for aggressive or risky driving. It can also lead to insurance companies trying to pressure motorcyclists into accepting lower claim amounts or unfair settlements. With over six decades of combined experience representing motorcyclists and other personal injury clients, our skilled team of lawyers is here to answer your questions and ensure you are professionally represented.

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