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Catastrophic Accidents

Injuries and Claims

When you sustain a catastrophic accident it affects your life forever. Brain damage, severe burns, spinal cord damage and serious internal injuries could all be classified as catastrophic. You may have lost your ability to work, move or interact with others. Expensive medical care and supervision is often required after such events and the quality of life is often affected. These life altering effects must be analyzed by a law firm who not only understands what you are going through but by a firm that is dedicated to do something about it. A personal injury lawyer can help you with your catastrophic accident claim.

Compensation for Serious Injuries

A catastrophic accident or event often causes high medical bills, increased stress and a mountain of debt. Wendy Squires, the owner and founder of Squires Law Office, P.C. has over thirty years of experience in personal injury law and has helped countless clients in the Portland area receive the compensation they deserved. When your ability to work, drive, eat or live is changed for the worse it is best to put your case and trust in a lawyer who is skilled in helping those with severe injuries through trying times. We understand that the effects of your catastrophic accident may not only be physical but mental or emotional as well. These details will be analyzed thoroughly to ensure a strong and well-versed case is established.

Intimidation is not in our vocabulary as we are not scared to fight for the maximum return on your injuries. We believe that you should be made whole again and with our deep knowledge of personal injury lawsuits and your guidance we can, together, come to a reasonable conclusion regarding your claim. Our dedication to you and your case will help to put you in the best possible situation before your mediation or hearing.

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